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Keller Williams Realty (commonly referred to as Keller Williams) is an American technology and international real estate franchise with headquarters in Austin, Texas. It is the number one franchise in the United States by sales volume, ranking number one in agents and units sold in 2017. It is also the largest real estate franchise by agent count in the world.


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Real Estate Salesperson (Former Employee) says

"Can’t even talk about how badly this brokerage functions and the cost alone to be there is an insult. They give you NOTHING and take as much as they can from you. They’ll hire anyoneManagement, training, compensation, atmosphere, coaching was very poor, systems don’t work, everyone is desperate and the office is a toxic environment"

Real Estate Agent (Former Employee) says

"I have nothing good to say about KW or real estate in general. It take a certain kind of person to work well in this industry and I am not that kind of person."

Real Estate Agent (Current Employee) says

"The broker is amazing but the office staff is lacking, unless you are in the top 20%. I have had to learn a lot on my own due to no response from agents when asked for help. Broker is amazingStaff members are not friendly"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"After 2 interviews I was offered an administrative position. After a week with no start date I contacted them, it took another week for them to respond that they resigned the offer with no other explanation. I should have known something was wrong when the interviewer was bad mouthing the prior employee in the position during the interview process. Very unprofessional.NoneUnprofessional"

Director Of Compliance/MCA/Chief Financial Officer (Former Employee) says

"This office is great when it comes to the agents. They’re all amazing! As for the company staff & leadership, you won’t find the support you need to perform your job. Be ready for drastic changes, procedures, stress levels, and being demoted from your job to take another job in order to compensate for your salary. Very disappointed that I left my previous employer to come to this office.Pay, AgentsLeadership Support"

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"If you’re scraping by don’t affiliate with KW. They will leave you out to dry. It’s a money grab for market centers and they could use some diversity at the location I was at. They won’t help you no matter how bad your situation is. They just gouge you for more money and paid trainings. They will charge you for paper but won’t even give you single lead, not even to help start your matter what you’re going through. The whole place has a creepy Church cult vibe and too many bible thumpers. They have a serious obsession with Gary Keller who I wouldn’t be surprised is worshipped by all the team leaders. ZeroAffiliating with KW"

Transaction Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I was employed as a transactions coordinator for an agency inside of KW PTC. It was hands down the most toxic place of work. Every hallway you walked down there was a crowd of caddy women gathered talking about the other women in the office. The pay was minimum wage to be doing more work than the agent herself. I was timely with all of my work, was never told what needed to be done, and always doing more than requested but still talked down to and looked poorly upon. DO NOT WORK AT KELLER WILLIAMS IN PEACHTREE CITY GEORGIA. It is by far the most toxic place of employment I have ever worked at.NoneSee Description, All."

Agent Commercial immobilier indépendant (Former Employee) says

"Ne travail pas mais vende du rêve a ceux qui sont prêt a travailler.Pas de suivie ou juste pour faire bien!"

Team Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Working for a team member part of the KW team was horrible- never would I recommend it. The disorganization and negative attitude and atmosphere within the team I worked for was disgusting."

Director of First Impressions/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"We are given many tasks anywhere from getting coffees to cleaning bathrooms to marketing and assisting realtors but we are also given the team leaders assignments and carrying their work out while they win bonuses and awards. We cold call to get people in her pipeline and she gets quadrupple digit bonuses for our work. We don't even get a thank you."

Client Development Manager (Former Employee) says

".I was lied to by the two real estate agents I worked for right from the start. 100 calls a day to people who didn't want to hear from me at all. Dumb."

Marketing Director (Former Employee) says

"The manager wants to remove somebody out of their position strictly bc they don't like the person. All the agents need this person and lean on this person, but she still wants to move her anyway pretty much until she rehires. The manager never answers anything. The person was suppose to be making 35k a year and is for sure getting under paid. There is no compensation or benefits. Manager won't hire based off of experience only off of if she likes you or not."

Realtor (Current Employee) says

"KW agents are supposed to have a strong culture with good morals, however my time with KW (two different KW offices) should me the complete opposite. Agents, DOFI, MCA, Team Leads...they all gossip about other agents, making it extremely hard to know who you can trust to go to with any issues or mentoring needed. They do offer a lot of really great, free training for agents which I recommend taking advantage of if you feel welcomed enough to go to class. Their monthly fees are expensive, but if you are producing enough to make use of their tech, they can be worth it in that regard."

Licensed Real Estate Broker (Former Employee) says

"We all have to find where we fit. I was promised more that what I received. Support and feeling welcome just didn't happen. Respect goes a long ways."

REALTOR (Former Employee) says

"The minute you have a complaint to the company, you are treated like an outcast. The commission pay structure is horrible. It's not all explained to you when you first talk with them. I would never work with Keller Williams again."

ESTATE AGENT (Former Employee) says

"They speak Afrikaans during training while there are other people who don't speak or understand the language. They would be laughing and all while you are lostFree dataRacism"

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"If you are just like them you will be accepted. A strongly Christian company. There is a huge amount of drinking in the office, in spite of the founder being a recovering alcoholic. They are loyal to their shareholders and top producers."

Realtor (Former Employee) says

"Being a Realtor is about what you put into it and how you treat your clients. If you are all about yourself and the money, you won't go far. They have amazing training, however, some Realtors you work with are only out for themselves and you have to be competitive."

Real Estate Agent (Current Employee) says

"The rules are different for black people than whites. Just to get a check I earned Debra the person in accounting made me jump through hoops and submit so much paperwork that after polling 8 other white agents including my sponsor from another office they never had to do. I would have been fine with it if it was policy, but after raising questions on company FB page I was told, sometimes they may ask for it."

Assistant first then Buyer agent (Former Employee) says

"Its a straight up cult. They do a good job making themselves look good & they do have a good business model but, they are a straight up cult. Scientology probably has a good business model too. Someone needs to do something about it because its getting out of hand. If you had a similar experience then I encourage you to speak up and post about it."